Farewell, Bloggers!


My previous blog post is dated 26 April 2016. That surely says it all – it’s time to officially say goodbye.

I could have easily let it slide and said a quiet farewell in my head and heart to my blog, but I think it deserves better than that. Most importantly, I deserve better than that. This blog, after all, was my passion for a number of years.

I’ve enjoyed every minute of sharing my posts with the world – every word, every photo, every idea (good or bad). My blog was born out of a love of travel and writing, sharing my experiences was just an added bonus.

Looking back at my posts, I realise how truly blessed and grateful I am for being able to visit countries like Spain, Morocco and South Africa; places that I could only dream about when I was a little girl living in a small town. Amazing adventures was I what I wanted, and the Universe certainly delivered!

I’ve been lucky enough to have connected with a number of amazing people through my blog as well. Some of whom have turned out to be good friends, some of whom I hope to meet in person someday. They have been such great support and super inspiring in so many ways. I wish them all love, passion and more adventures.

The end of my blog is in no way a sign of me giving up travelling or writing. It has more to do with the end of a phase in my life (a career change can do that to you!)

My perspective on life has evolved and my focus is now on a path that is more holistic – yoga, tarot reading, meditation and all those fun stuff ;) It’s a very different journey and one that requires a lot of energy, learning, unlearning and a massive dose of faith.

I shall continue to travel and seek new adventures. And along the way, I hope I can bring forth a different way of inspiring people to see the world.

Thank you for being part of this journey. May we all continue seeking adventures in our travels and in ourselves. Blessings and safe journey, always.


P.S.: I have moved my entire blog to a WordPress site, so all is not lost ;)

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