An Ode To Madrid

I am not one for rhymes. So, you have no choice but to accept my odd ode to the great city of Madrid.

20131031-173045.jpgI have had the greatest pleasure of meeting you, Madrid. ¡Hasta pronto!

You have taught me to see,
To hear, to feel, to breathe.
You have taught me to be grateful for the little things,
The little balcony that greets me every morning,
The chatter of patrons from the cafe below,
The lovely fountain that beckons me to sit and bask in its beauty.

You are more than your brilliant football,
You are more than your stunning cathedrals,
You are more than your scrumptious bocadillos,
You are more than your historic museums.

You are the heart that beats,
You are the soul that shines,
You are the love we seek,
You are Madrid.

3 Replies to “An Ode To Madrid”

  1. Patimah Hakeen says: Reply

    omg!!!! that is such an amazing dedication to an amazing city….. ♥♥

  2. Loved this. :) I really enjoyed my time in Madrid and wondered why so many people had cautioned me before my visit that it may be dull. I found it quirky, exhilarating and charming.

    1. Thanks for the visit and comment, Amiya. And yes, I heard the same thing too from my friends. But I fell utterly in love with Madrid.

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